"You cannot have free speech and not offend people. That's why the whole political correctness movement was a form of cultural marxism, to trick people into not expressing their opinion because someone, someplace on the planet, might have their feelings hurt; to surrender freedom of speech without realizing that was what was happening." -- Michael Rivero

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The US government is a totally illegitimate authority. It’s rather obvious that the people funding the slaughter in Gaza have no moral authority, but it needs to be understood that they do not have any legal authority either. What they have is men with guns who will kill you or put you in a cage if you don’t do what they want you to do. The US government is an international criminal gang.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is demanding that governments introduce strict new laws to ban meat and dairy products from the general public’s food supply and replace them with insects.

The WEF has ordered governments around the world to push fake meat and insect-based proteins onto the masses in a coordinated effort to drive “consumer behavior change.”

In the 1970s Pentagon Official Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers. The New York Times published them. It helped to end the war by showing Americans how they had been deceived by Washington. Washington tried to prosecute Ellsberg and the New York Times, but the presiding judge declared a mistrial citing government misconduct so severe as to “offend the sense of justice.”

If you want a glimpse of the next stage of America’s transformation into a police state, look no further than how Israel—a long-time recipient of hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid from the U.S.—uses its high-tech military tactics, surveillance and weaponry to advance its authoritarian agenda.

Over the past several decades, the US establishment has mastered meddling in foreign elections and fomenting regime changes across the globe. What's more, all these tools have been repeatedly used domestically to manipulate public opinion and peddle disinformation within the US while keeping "undesired" candidates away from power, according to Dr. Roberts.

Joe Olson, Chris Weinert, and I discuss current events to sharply discern objective reality fit for news from corporate media bullshit to herd sheeple: here on BitChute and (censored on YouTube).


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1. The Great Awakening: “There's no such thing as a Democrat or Republican. The only thing that does exist, is a group of elite oligarchs that torture men, women, and children worldwide.”          

As predicted for years and on the back of the Wood Stoves ban and burning your own ‘wet’ wood ban. Here it is. Any chicken or outdoor bird MUST be registered by October the 1st.

Failure to register will result in investigation and possible fines/jail.

There is no cost at the moment, however this will come. They will slowly increase the cost of keeping chickens so that people simply cant afford to keep them. They then become reliant on the system and become tied to the technocracy hell that the WEF are moulding for us.

The FBI has suffered from one black eye and another. The highest law enforcement body in the country has been outed for partisan behavior. In 2020, the agency refused to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop, admitting it would influence the election.

We later learned that the agency had evidence that implicated Joe Biden for years, yet it did nothing about it. The FBI sent 30 armed officers to raid former President Trump’s home as if he was a cartel leader.

Everyone buying an electric car will be subject to new rules about EV ‘passports’ which would mean you can't carry out repairs if you don't have one. A new EU law is coming into effect which will see ‘electric battery passports’ become a legal requirement on all EVs sold in Europe, including the UK despite us no longer being a member. It means that all EVs will need to be able to prove the origins of the raw material they’re manufactured from, including how much of the battery and its components are recycled and the carbon footprint they create over the time they are used.

The FBI is now a secret police organization that targets, humiliates, and severs ties with pro-Trump members in its ranks.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Tristan Leavitt who is the president of the group Empower Oversight in his latest interview.

Tristan Leavitt is representing an anonymous FBI whistleblower who was suspended indefinitely without pay after the Agency discovered he attended the protests on January 6, 2021 at the Ellipse and US Capitol.

Mr. Leavitt describes how Trump supporters were targeted and interrogated by the FBI for holding conservative beliefs.