"Keeping people confused and unsure about who they are is essential to removing resistance to tyranny. Every dictator in history has played that same game!" -- Michael Rivero

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How Jacinda Ardern Left New Zealand on the Brink of Blackouts But Starmer Wants to Copy Her malterwitty
Labour’s manifesto, due out on Thursday, will feature a pledge to block all new licensing for oil and gas as one of its key energy policies. The party “will not be issuing licences to explore new [oil and gas] fields as we accelerate to clean power”, a Labour spokesman confirmed on Tuesday. It follows last weekend’s announcement that New Zealand’s Government was lifting a ban on new oil and gas exploration. The ban was announced by former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in 2018.
ITS HAPPENING: The UK forcing the registering of all backyard Chickens MikeRivero

As predicted for years and on the back of the Wood Stoves ban and burning your own ‘wet’ wood ban. Here it is. Any chicken or outdoor bird MUST be registered by October the 1st.

Failure to register will result in investigation and possible fines/jail.

There is no cost at the moment, however this will come. They will slowly increase the cost of keeping chickens so that people simply cant afford to keep them. They then become reliant on the system and become tied to the technocracy hell that the WEF are moulding for us.

Labour and the Tories cant speak human MikeRivero

Labour and Tory leaders can’t deal with the public. I’m campaigning among them every day, despite death threats, which is why I have Home Office security, George reveals

EXPOSED: Civil servants call for 'VIOLENCE' and 'ARREST' of Nigel Farage branding Reform 'EXTREMIST' MikeRivero

'Two Home Office civil servants got in contact with me to tell GB news that their colleagues have called for violence against Nigel Farage.'

Nick Ferrari fumes as Lib Dem Remoaner wont answer whether theyll reverse Brexit malterwitty
A top Lib Dem refused six times to say whether they want to rejoin the EU.
Nigel Farage pinpoints Rishi Sunak's biggest Brexit betrayal in thundering speech malterwitty
Nigel Farage hit out at Rishi Sunak after he stopped short of threatening to walk away from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in the Tory manifesto. The Reform UK leader said voters did not back Brexit so that the European Court of Human Rights, which presides over the treaty, could "tell us how to manage our border policies".
ITS HAPPENING: The UK forcing the registering of all backyard Chickens alexmark
Nigel Farage makes tragic admission after yob throws cement at Reform UK leader malterwitty
Nigel Farage has admitted he has to “think twice” about every election campaign event amid rising violence towards him. A yob threw “cement” at the Reform UK leader as his battle bus toured the South Yorkshire town on Tuesday. And Mr Farage fears he would have been hospitalised if he’d got off the bus. The Brexit champion said physical attacks are the next stage of a “cancel culture” by a “violent left wing mob” hoping to silence him.
Reform UK within 1 point of Tories in bombshell poll win for Nigel Farage malterwitty
The YouGov survey puts Nigel Farage's party on 17%, up one from last week, with the Conservatives down one on 18%. Labour has a 20-point lead with 38%, but Sir Keir Starmer's party has dropped three points from the week before.
Labours Claim That Net Zero 2030 Will Cut Energy Bills Doesnt Add Up malterwitty
Labour Shadow Minister Ed Miliband claims Net Zero 2030 will cut energy bills, citing a Policy Exchange report. David Turver shows that the report has missed hundreds of billions of pounds of costs and is junk.