"The Constitution does not authorize the government to lie to the people. When they are caught lying, as they have been, they become illegitimate. It is that illegitimate government which is a threat to Democracy!" -- Michael Rivero

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In a contentious exchange with NBC News reporter Jacob Soboroff, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has hinted at the possibility of pursuing kidnapping charges against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The situation arose after Florida dispatched several planes carrying migrants to California, a self-declared sanctuary state.

Texas will install a floating barrier along the Rio Grande to deter migrants from crossing the river into the US illegally, Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday.

The first 1,000-foot section will be set up on July 7 near Eagle Pass, a city officials say is a key entry way for illegal border crossings, the third-term Republican said.

The contraption — made up of interconnected 4-foot-wide sphere buoys that spin when grabbed — can be moved and extended to cover “hot spots” where asylum seekers are sneaking into the US, according to Abbott.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has acknowledged that “massive immigration just doesn’t work” as he announced changes to the country’s border control policy that would make it the strictest in the European Union.

Kristersson made the comments to mark the National Day of Sweden as he insisted that it was too easy for migrants who can’t even speak Swedish to obtain citizenship.

“Let me be clear: Massive immigration and poor integration just doesn’t work,” wrote Kristersson.

Efforts by Biden regime appointees in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Border Patrol to release millions of illegal entrants into local US communities have been blocked by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in a lawsuit brought against the Biden DHS by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. https://floridacapitalstar.com/news/florida-ag-moody-defeats-biden-administration-in-court-again/tcsquare/2023/06/07/

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the potential Democratic presidential nominee, visited Yuma, Arizona, this Tuesday to evaluate the repercussions of the Biden administration's border policies.

During his visit, he spoke with local authorities, Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls and Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot, who grapple with the aftereffects of the border crisis.

Meeting with sheriffs from four states—including several in national leadership positions—Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the formation of a coalition of states to fight the border security battle without federal leadership on the cause.

“We have a great country. We’ve got a proud history, but this country is falling on its face with respect to ensuring the sovereignty of our country,” DeSantis said on June 7. “And you see the damage that’s been done at the southern border.”

All last week, something seemed…off. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something wasn’t right. Like there was a void.

Then it hit me!

As Texas Republicans were slaughtering each other in the statehouse, “red state Twitter” had gone silent! You know, those rightists who arrogantly boast, “Gyuck gyuck I dun lives in a RAYED STAYT, so let Califernya burn, AHM doin’ fine!”

Anticipating this brutal column, CNN has just fired Chris Licht. If the next chairman plans to last any longer, he’d better implement these changes right away!

At the risk of raising a topic even more boring than Ukraine, let’s talk about what’s happening at CNN. There was a major article (i.e., long) in The Atlantic this week about the civil war erupting at CNN over the new CEO, Chris Licht, and his attempt to turn the network into one that people want to watch.