Oct 28 11:47

US jobless claims drop to NEW pandemic low of 281,000 with 2.2 million people collecting unemployment checks in the last weeks - down from 7.7 million a year earlier

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits fell to a new pandemic low last week as the job market continues its slow recovery from last year's coronavirus recession.

Oct 28 11:47

US economy growth slows to 2% - the worst of the pandemic recovery - thanks to supply chain disasters and rising inflation

Hampered by rising COVID-19 cases and persistent supply shortages, the U.S. economy slowed to a 2% annual rate in the July-September period, the weakest quarterly growth since the recovery from the pandemic recession began last year.

Oct 28 11:45

California School Board President Is Caught On Mic Saying ‘F**K You’ To ‘Concerned’ Parent Who Questioned Vaccines For Children And Masks In Classrooms

The president of a California board of education was caught on mic swearing during a meeting this week after a parent raised concerns over mandates in response to Covid-19.

Oct 28 11:45

Taiwan's President Becomes First To Confirm Dozens Of US Troops ARE On The Island And Training The Military As She Warns Threat From China Is Increasing Every Day

Taiwan's president has confirmed for the first time that American troops are on the island of Taiwan training the Taiwanese military - just days after President Joe Biden publicly confirmed he would defend the nation from China should it come under attack.

Oct 28 11:43

North Korea pushes 'delicious' BLACK SWAN meat and claims it is 'exceptional health food' a day after warning starving citizens they will have to eat less food until 2025 when borders reopen

North Korea has put 'delicious' black swan meat on the menu in an effort to overcome chronic food shortages in the country.

Oct 28 11:43

Prince Andrew breaks cover after sex case judge rules key document between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Roberts from 2009 settlement CAN remain secret

Prince Andrew broke cover at Windsor today as a judge backed his lawyer's request for a 2009 settlement agreement between Jeffrey Epstein and sex abuse accuser Virginia Roberts to remain secret.

Oct 28 11:41

LA will pay $1,000 'no-strings attached' monthly universal basic income to 3,000 families suffering hardship due to COVID in largest guaranteed income program in US

A COVID-19 relief program that will provide $1,000 monthly payments to thousands of families in one of Los Angeles' most poverty-stricken districts was approved by the city's council on Tuesday.

Oct 28 11:40

Has Disney canceled Tim Allen? Fans question if actor who voiced Buzz Lightyear in original films has now been sidelined because of his right wing views

Toy Story fans are speculating whether the voice actor for beloved Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen, has been axed from the character's upcoming origin movie due to his conservative political views.

Oct 28 11:29

Investigative reporter says government’s aggressive COVID-19 vaccination campaign is a PSYOP

Experts are wondering if the American government’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a psychological operation (PSYOP).

David Marks, an investigative reporter writing for the Children’s Health Defense, was one of the first to notice the similarities between the way the federal government is aggressively pushing for vaccinations and PSYOP.

According to Marks, the campaign to get people to agree to take the experimental and deadly vaccines is “manipulation of citizens on a grander scale than any effort in recent history.”

Oct 28 11:27

'Any man who takes six months of leave for a newborn is a loser': Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur slams Pete Buttigieg for taking paternity leave and says 'correct masculine response' is for men to 'work harder to provide for kids' future'

A Silicon Valley venture capitalist says that men who take six months of paternity leave are ‘losers’ and that ‘in the old days men had babies and worked harder to provide for their future’ which was ‘the correct masculine response.’

Oct 28 11:27

Garland's feds go after parents: Mother protesting porn on curriculum shares photo of federal law enforcement cars outside school board meeting after AG told FBI to crack down on parents

A mother-of-six who led the charge to remove sexually explicit books from school libraries has claimed federal law enforcement officials flew helicopters and stationed cop cars outside a school board meeting in Virginia to intimidate parents - after AG Merrick Garland was accused of treating parents like 'terrorists'.

Oct 28 11:25

Devil's In The Details: Satanist Group Claims Religious Discrimination In Fight Against Pennsylvania School's Dress Code Ban On 'Cult-Ish Imagery'

A Pennsylvania school district that had banned clothing that was 'satanic in nature' is changing its dress code after being accused of religious discrimination.

Oct 28 11:25

Rapper Bryson Gray's Anti-Biden Song Let's Go Brandon Shoots To The Top Of The ITunes Chart Toppling Adele Off The Number One Spot Despite Being Banned By YouTube

A US rapper has knocked Adele off the top of the charts with his anti-Biden song which has been banned by YouTube for spreading 'harmful false information' about Covid.

Oct 28 11:24

Terrifying moment man tries to abduct boy, 2, as he walks to church with his mom who fends off kidnapper with her keys

A Philadelphia man was caught on video trying to abduct a 2-year-old boy in the middle of the day, as police continue to search for the suspect.

Oct 28 11:23

Hertz will supply 50,000 Teslas to Uber drivers in scheme that starts next week in California and Washington DC and will roll out across US by end of year

Hertz and Uber have partnered to launch a fleet of 50,000 Teslas as rental options to the ride sharing app's network of drivers by 2023.

Oct 28 11:22

'First class' American Airlines passenger 'punched female flight attendant twice in the face' after refusing to wear a mask on JFK to California plane forcing it to land in Denver

A male passenger allegedly assaulted a female flight attendant yesterday on an American Airlines flight from New York City to Orange County, California, causing the plane to divert to Denver.

Oct 28 11:22

'De Blasio's going to get people killed': FDNY union tells members to show up for work and defy mayor's Friday deadline as 36% of firefighters and 25% of cops have NOT yet had vaccine - trash piles up due sanitation workers' anti-jab protest

The head of New York City's firefighter union is telling members to go to work whether they're vaccinated or not ahead of Friday's vaccine mandate deadline, as the police union continues to fight the rule in court.

Oct 28 11:20

'I can't put paycheck over principal': Sports broadcaster Allison Williams tells Tucker Carlson she left ESPN because it's wrong for 'corporations or governments to tell us what is best for our health'

Former ESPN sports broadcaster Allison Williams told Tucker Carlson she was forced out of the company for refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate- which the company said 'would cause undue hardship.'

Oct 28 11:19

Florida's surgeon general says there's 'no evidence' school mask mandates protect kids as COVID cases in the state see a steep decline despite Gov Ron DeSantis refusal to impose vaccines or masks

Florida's surgeon general appeared on a Tucker Carlson segment Wednesday night to discuss why the state doesn't have a mask mandate for schoolchildren as Covid-19 cases see a steep decline despite Gov Ron DeSantis continuing to refuse stricter lockdowns and regulations.

Oct 28 11:19

Biden backs down over vaccine mandate deadline for contactors: White House says December 8 cut off 'is not a cliff' and unvaccinated workers will be offered education before enforcement

The White House coronavirus coordinator said that Biden's December 8 vaccine deadline for government contractors is 'not a cliff' at a press briefing on Wednesday.

Oct 28 11:17

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Is 'Booed Off Stage' At Plumbers Union Fundraiser Over Her Controversial Vaccine Mandate

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was booed at the annual fundraiser for the plumbers' union on Sunday over her vaccine mandate forcing city workers to report their vaccination status or be placed on unpaid leave.

Oct 28 11:17

Twist In Novak Djokovic Saga As World No.1 Reveals He Fears Being Locked In 14-Day Quarantine If Someone On His Plane To The Australian Open Has Covid - As He Faces Being Banned From The Tournament If He's Not Vaccinated

Tennis champ Novak Djokovic insists the fear of getting caught on a Covid-infected plane is the prime reason he's not yet committing to the Australian Open.

Oct 28 11:16

One third of US military is still unvaccinated: 468,000 active duty members have just one month to get the shot by mandate deadline or face the ax

Only 68 per cent of the US is military is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus with less then five weeks to go before the mandate deadline passes.

Oct 28 11:15

Orthodox Jewish man, 23, is shot with BB gun in drive-by shooting by three men on NYC street: Hate crimes soar 90%

An Orthodox Jewish man was shot in the head with a BB gun in a drive-by shooting by three men on a New York City street.

Oct 28 11:14

DNA analysis reveals amazingly well-preserved 4,000-year-old mummies in China are from local tribe and are not visitors from the West as previously thought

Researchers say eerily well-preserved Bronze Age mummies uncovered in far west China's Taklamakan Desert decades ago were not travelers from the West, as previously theorized, but part of an indigenous group descended from an ancient Ice Age Asian population.

Oct 28 11:14

The bitter truth about Halloween candy: Acres of Amazon forests are destroyed to make child-labor run farms to process sugar, cocoa and palm oil for our favorite seasonal sweets

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but a researcher at New York University (NYU) reveals a scary truth behind seasonal candy like pumpkin-shaped Reese's peanut butter cups and M&M's Ghoul's Mix – they come at a cost of the environment and human rights.

Oct 28 11:09

Facebook tells employees to keep ALL communication and documents dating back to 2016 as government inquiries begin after barrage of damaging accusations

Facebook has ordered employees to keep all their emails and documents relating to its businesses since 2016 after government inquiries were opened into the under-fire social media firm's operations.

Oct 28 11:08

Migrant caravan swells to 5,000 in Southern Mexico on day five of trek to the US border as children and adults get treated for pneumonia

The biggest migrant caravan since the start of the pandemic heading toward the U.S. border has ballooned up to as many as 5,000 people - including 1,200 minors - in Southern Mexico, with children and adults beginning to feel the effects of the 13,000-mile journey.

Oct 28 11:07

Facebook KNEW that women were being trafficked from Asia for sex work in US massage parlors but did little to stop it, investigators say

Facebook has been accused of knowing about a sex trafficking network that saw at least 40 women brought to the United States, and doing little to stop it.

Oct 28 11:05

Facebook Data Scientist Accused Colleagues Of Being 'Drunk On The Absolute Power Of Being In Control Of US Civics' For Censoring Comments In Support Of Kenosha Gunman Kyle Rittenhouse

Facebook's executives were accused of being 'drunk on power' in internal messages after they attempted to block messages of support for Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse.

Oct 28 11:04

Facebook Goes Into Damage Control Mode: Tech Giant Exec Slaps Down Whistleblower Frances Haugen And Insists Company Doesn't Put Profit Before User Safety

A Facebook executive slapped down accusations of putting profits over people, saying a whistleblower 'mischaracterized' and 'misrepresented' the company's motives as the social media giant goes into damage control over leaked internal documents.

Oct 28 11:03

Exxon CEO denies his company spread disinformation on climate change as Democratic lawmakers demand that Big Oil drops the spin and comes clean on environmental damage at start of congressional hearing

Darren Woods said his company had always been honest about the risks as he delivered testimony at the start of what is billed as a blockbuster congressional investigation into Big Oil.

Oct 28 11:03

'Activist' billionaire hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb buys $500m stake in Royal Dutch Shell and demands it splits in two to focus on renewable energy

A billionaire hedge fund manager has acquired a large stake in Royal Dutch Shell PLC and is demanding that the oil major to separate into two separate companies.

Oct 28 11:01

Bark Back Better! Senator Thom Tillis dresses up one of his dogs as Kyrsten Sinema with zebra leggings and 'Dangerous Creature' shirt and the other as Mitch McConnell during his annual Capitol Hill dog costume party

Lawmakers paraded their dogs on Capitol Hill Wednesday for Senator Thom Tillis' third-annual dog costume party, which featured his own pups dressed as Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mitch McConnell.

Oct 28 11:01

An Absurdity! Assange is in Prison for Journalism says UK MP

Oct 28 11:01

FBI raids Florida office of Chinese credit card reader firm suspected of helping cyberattacks in US and EU while Biden bans Chinese phone carrier for spying

Federal investigators have raided the Florida offices of a Chinese credit card reader company that is believed to have been behind dozens of cyberattacks around the world.

Oct 28 10:58

Bonhoeffer‘s Theory of Stupidity

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think this explains liberalism!

Oct 28 10:57

New York AG Letitia James WILL run for governor: Andrew Cuomo claims 'hit job' sexual harassment report that led to his resignation was designed to drive him out of a job that she coveted

New York Attorney General Letitia James plans to run for governor, according to three people directly familiar with her plans who spoke to The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Oct 28 10:54

Biden prioritizes gender-based issues over supply shortages and inflation

The White House recently released a fact sheet detailing the national strategy on gender equity and equality as part of its “Gender Strategy Report.” The document, which is part of President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, is broken down into ten interconnected priorities.

These areas of intersectional focus include economic security, gender-based violence, health, education, justice and immigration, human rights and equality under the law, security and humanitarian relief, climate change, science and technology and democracy, participation and leadership.

Biden’s strategy is both domestic and global, and it outlines priorities to support women’s rights. It also takes a cue from the national policies on gender equity of Scandinavian countries, as well as Canada’s national gender strategy.

Oct 28 10:53

Russia blocks website that exposed Putin's cleaner-turned-millionaire 'mistress' and her '£74m business empire' alongside a series of exposes of the country's super-wealthy elite

Russia has blocked the website that exposed President Vladimir Putin's cleaner-turned-millionaire 'mistress' and her '£74m business empire'.

Oct 28 10:53

Mussolini's monument to fascism that will host G20 summit where Joe Biden is set to face world leaders for first time since his Afghanistan betrayal

G20 leaders will meet this weekend in Rome's historic surroundings of EUR, a neighbourhood created by Benito Mussolini to glorify his fascist regime and its links with ancient Rome.

Oct 28 10:51

Boston Spine Surgeon Is Fined Just $5,000 And Allowed To Continue Working After He Left Patient Waiting On Emergency Room Operating Table While He Went To His Car To NAP

A Boston surgeon was fined just $5,000 and has been allowed to continue working after leaving a patient on an operating table waiting on emergency ankle surgery while he napped in his car.

Oct 28 10:51

New York Man Who Went Completely Blind After Mugger Severed His Optic Nerve By Stabbing Him In Eye In Subway Attack Cries As He Struggle To Accept His New Reality - And Reveals Cops Cuffed HIM To Hospital Bed

A New York man who went blind after having his eye stabbed with a screwdriver has opened up finding love and his struggle to deal with the trauma after the brutal subway attack.

Oct 28 10:49

EXCLUSIVE: First look at United States' first ever gender ‘X’ passport, given to intersex Navy veteran Dana Zzyym who doesn’t identify as male or female, with any American allowed to apply one from 2022

This is the United States first ever gender 'X' passport - given to an intersex Navy veteran who has been campaigning for the option since 2015.

Oct 28 10:49

Minnesota surgeon says he was FIRED after telling school officials at public meeting that parents should have the right to decide if their children wear masks to school

A Minnesota surgeon believes he was fired from his job after telling school officials that parents should have the choice of whether or not their children wear masks to school.

Oct 28 10:47

How did Florida end up with one of the best COVID-19 case and death rates in the US despite Gov Ron DeSantis refusing to implement mask or vaccine mandates?

Just two months ago, Florida was experiencing the worst COVID-19 surge in the United States.

Oct 28 10:46

'Does she think this is a rodeo?' Kyrsten Sinema is eviscerated for wearing denim vest and sneakers to preside over Senate

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema sent political observers on the internet into a frenzy on Tuesday when she presided over the upper house of the United States Congress wearing a casual denim vest.

Oct 28 10:44

'You need to leave this church right now': Moment Catholic priest orders maskless man out of Washington mass - before brawl breaks out at the altar

A shocking videos shows the moment a brawl erupted in a Catholic church during mass after a maskless troublemaker was ordered to leave by the priest - with the ensuing fight almost toppling the altar.

Oct 28 10:44

MEGHAN MCCAIN: The Democrats have way more to lose in Virginia than the governor's mansion if they don't stop spitting in the faces of normal Americans and then telling us we're imagining it

America's political media is laser-focused on the state of Virginia Governor's race between former governor Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Oct 28 10:42

Amanda Seyfried blasts US healthcare system for ignoring new mothers' needs after the '$20K bill'

Oscar nominee Amanda Seyfried blasted the US healthcare system for ignoring new mothers' needs beyond childbirth while on Tuesday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Oct 28 10:42

Apocalyptic scenes over Louisiana freeway as tornadoes lift ATV into the air, whip into power line and send electric blue flash over the heads of drivers on freeway

Dramatic videos showed tornadoes in Louisiana and Texas, with one twister seen striking a powerline moments after touching down on a freeway, while another lifted an ATV into the air.

Oct 28 10:36

Southwest Airlines Chairman Gary Kelly’s Actions with the COVID Vaccine Show Maybe He Doesn’t Care About Southwest’s Reputation After All

Southwest Chairman Gary Kelly used to be proud of Southwest Airlines being one of the most respected companies in the world. His current actions show maybe he didn’t really care that much about Southwest’s reputation after all.

Oct 28 10:36

McMURRAY EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Opened Their Trump Impeachment Hearing with Jan. 6 Video that Starred Fed Operative Ray Epps

Were Trump supporters set up by federal agents who lured them to the Capitol and then played on their emotions to encourage them to go inside?

Oct 28 10:34

Campaign for Democrat Virginia Governor Candidate McAuliffe Has No Enthusiasm – Crowds Almost as Small as Biden’s

The Democrats in Virginia are going to rely on the same tricks they used in the 2020 Election to win the governor’s race. They have to. No one is behind their candidate.

Oct 28 10:33

PATHETIC: Joe Biden Mentioned Trump 24 Times While Campaigning In Virginia (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is apparently living rent-free in Joe Biden’s head.

Oct 28 10:32

Biden Regime Will Not Revoke Afghan Rapist’s Work Permit After October Assault

As reported earlier an Afghan man has been arrested and charged with a felony for reportedly raping a young woman in Montana. The foreign national had been evacuated from Afghanistan during Biden’s disastrous withdrawal and had been relocated to the state by the US State Department.

Oct 28 10:31

WI Teacher Taped Mask on Student’s Head, Previously Tried to Force Him to Wear Pride Mask — Proud Boys Organizing Protest

The parents of a 13-year-old student at McNeel Intermediate School in Beloit, Wisconsin say that a special needs teacher taped a mask around his face on Tuesday and the police are refusing to file charges.

Oct 28 10:25

(VIDEO) AZ Audit – U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar: “There Was Fraud Here – We Need To Demand That The Attorney General Indict”

U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar understands there was fraud in Arizona’s 2020 presidential election. He is one of many lawmakers urging Arizona Attorney General Brnovich to follow through with indictments.

Oct 28 10:22

Democrat Terry McAuliffe AGAIN Smears Virginia Parents by Calling Their Concerns About Critical Race Theory “Racist” (VIDEO)

Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe AGAIN smeared Virginia parents by calling their concerns about Critical Race Theory (CRT) “racist.”

Oct 28 09:26

Crazy Federal Clinton Judge in Texas Rejects Pilots’ Move to Block Southwest Airlines Vaccine Mandate

It’s time that these liberal judges be removed from the bench. The harm they have caused this country and millions of Americans through their callous and unjust verdicts is unforgivable.

Oct 28 09:26

BREAKING: Racine, Wisconsin County Sheriff’s Office to Announce PROOF OF STATE-WIDE ELECTION LAW VIOLATIONS – Thursday at 11 AM

The Racine Sheriff’s Office will hold a hearing on Thursday at 11 AM at the Sheriff’s substation.

Oct 28 09:24

WINNING: Florida Now Has the LOWEST Rate of New Covid Cases Per Capita in The Nation – State Has Remained Open With No Mandates, No Masks, and Almost No Restrictions

Florida has officially become the nation’s leader in getting the Covid-19 crisis under control – and the best part of it all, they validated their strategy of ignoring the ‘expert advice’ of the tyrannical public health regime in the process.

Oct 28 09:24

‘So Many People Are Purchasing Goods Online’ – Biden White House Blames Americans For Supply Chain Crisis (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday blamed Americans for the supply chain crisis.

Oct 28 09:15

President Trump Writes into Wall Street Journal on Stolen Election — Points Out the Obvious

Former President Donald Trump wrote in to The Wall Street Journal Wednesday to continue his push for the truth in the greatest crime in American history — The Stolen 2020 Presidential Election.

Oct 28 09:15

In Major Blow to Joe Biden, Democrats Drop Paid Family and Medical Leave From “Build Back Better” Spending Bill

Democrats will be cutting paid family and medical leave from Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending package.

Oct 28 09:10

Train driver is arrested after 'testing positive for cocaine when he crashed into station buffers causing derailment that left two injured'

A train driver has been arrested after 'testing positive for cocaine' when he crashed a commuter train through the buffers in north London and left two people injured.

The 39-year-old, from Essex, who has not been named, crashed the eight-carriage London Overground train earlier this month at Enfield Town Station in the north of the capital, at around 8.15am. It had departed from Liverpool Street at around 7.45am.

Oct 28 09:09

The room where Roman gladiators waited to die in Britain: Holding cell is discovered in an amphitheatre in Kent where wild animals and fighters were held ahead of their fights 2,000 years ago

It was once a grand Roman amphitheatre that entertained 5,000 spectators with gladiatorial contests, wild beast hunting and the odd execution of a criminal on the Kent coast.

And now archaeologists have uncovered evidence of a holding cell for those who were about to meet their fate in the ancient arena in Richborough 2,000 years ago, English Heritage has revealed.

Oct 28 09:06

Kentucky School Staff, Including Town Mayor, Photographed Getting Lap Dances From Male Students in Lingerie

An investigation has been launched by an Eastern Kentucky school district after photos surfaced online showing male students in lingerie giving lap dances to staff during a homecoming event.

Oct 28 09:05

SICK, EVIL PEOPLE: Buried in FDA Hearing the Editor-in-Chief of NEJM, Dr. Eric Rubin Says, “We’re Never Going to Learn About How Safe It Is Unless We Start Giving It”

This was buried 6 Hours into the FDA Video on giving children 5-11 the experimental COVID vaccine.

Oct 28 09:04

Dems’ Billionaire Tax Proposal in Chaos: Ways and Means Chair Says Plan Scrapped – Senate Finance Chair Says Tax Plan is Not Dead

The Democrats’ so-called ‘billionaire tax’ proposal introduced by Senator Wyden on Wednesday is in total chaos.

Oct 28 09:03

Another Bay Area In-N-Out Burger Location Shut Down by ‘Health Department’ For Refusing to Check Vax Passports

California shut down another In-N-Out burger location for refusing to check customers’ vaccine passports.

Oct 28 09:02

WATCH: Project Veritas Part II: Sr. Advisor Reveals NJ Governor Murphy Secretly Funneled $40 Million In Taxpayer Funds To Illegals and Plans to Give Millions More – Says Truth Would Be Like “Political Suicide” For His Re-Election

On Wednesday, Project Veritas released the second installment of its undercover video investigation into dirtbag NJ Governor Phil Murphy, who is currently fighting for re-election in the state.

Oct 28 09:01

The Biden-Harris Regime Has Issued The First ‘Genderless’ Passport, Marking Major Victory For Trans Agenda

The Biden-Harris regime has begun issuing gender neutral U.S. passports, allowing people to mark their gender with an “X” instead of male or female.

According to an AP report, Jessica Stern, the special envoy designated for LGBTQ rights said, “When a person obtains identity documents that reflect their true identity, they live with greater dignity and respect.”

Oct 28 08:55

AG Merrick Garland Sent HELICOPTER and the Feds to Intimidate Parents at Fairfax County School Board Meeting

Merrick Garland sent federal agents and a helicopter circling overhead to threaten parents attending the Fairfax County School Board meeting last week.

Oct 28 08:54

Poll: 35 Percent Want 2020 Presidential Election Overturned; Only 39 Percent Definitely Believe Election Was ‘Free and Fair’

Thirty-five percent of registered voters believe the 2020 presidential lection should be overturned according to a Morning Consult-Politico poll released Wednesday. Only 39 percent believe the election was “definitely” “free and fair.” The poll has Joe Biden’s approve/disapprove underwater at 46/51. The generic Congressional election is margin of error (two percent) tied.

Oct 28 08:53

Warrant Issued for Former Clinton Global Initiative Co-Chair Steve Bachar on Charges of Securities Fraud and Felony Theft

Authorities in Denver have issued an arrest warrant for former Clinton Global Initiative co-chair Steve Bachar on charges of securities fraud and felony theft.

Oct 28 08:13

White Male Hospital Executive Wins $10 Million Payout in Discrimination Case After He Was Replaced by Two Women – One Black, One White – For ‘Diversity’ Program

A white male hospital executive won a $10 million settlement in a discrimination case after he was replaced by two women, one of whom is black, as part of the company’s ‘diversity’ program.

Oct 28 08:12

“America is the Land of the Free” – Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Backs Kyrie Irving’s Stance Against COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather posted a video on his Twitter account on Monday supporting the Brooklyn Nets All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving who’s being banned from the team for refusing to take the jab.

Oct 28 08:11

MORE PROOF: Email Confirms Biden Filled Kabul Planes With Unvetted Afghans – Biden Regime Wanted Numbers to Hoodwink Americans

In August Joe Biden turned over Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorists and armed them with $80 billion in US weapons. It was the greatest transfer of weapons to an enemy force in history.

Oct 28 07:58

Electrifying! Chinese power line workers dangle 300ft in the air as they install new cables to supply power to one of China's rapidly growing cities

Incredible images show power line workers setting up an electric cable 300 feet (100 metres) above the ground as part of a high-voltage direct current (HDVC) power transmission project in China.

A group of six men are seen wearing harnesses and blue helmets as they carry out their work high above the ground in Wuxi in East China's Jiangsu Province.

Oct 28 07:57

FIREWORKS! Senator Cotton Unleashes on Merrick Garland: “Thank God You Are Not on the Supreme Court. You Should Resign in Disgrace, Judge” (VIDEO)

US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Oct 28 07:56

Soros Attorney Selected by Biden Administration to Review US Drug Enforcement Agency’s Foreign Operations Strategy

More absolute corruption coming absolutely. The Biden Administration has hired a George Soros lackey to run an investigation into the international strategy of the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Oct 28 07:55

Doctor Brags on Social Media About Letting Her 4-YEAR-OLD CHILD Be Used as a Human Guinea Pig for Vaccine Testing

A doctor is bragging on social media about letting her four-year-old child be used as a human guinea pig for testing the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine in extremely young children.

Oct 28 07:44

Teacher Suspended and Investigated By Police, After Muslim Student Offended He Said ‘We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists’

An assistant teacher in the Ridgefield School District of New Jersey has been suspended after a Muslim student got offended that he said “we don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

Oct 28 07:43

Illinois Senate Votes to Repeal Law That Requires Parents Be Notified Before a Minor Has an Abortion

The Illinois state senate has voted to repeal a law that requires parents be notified before a minor receives an abortion.

Oct 28 07:42

Parents Say Florida School Used Rope to Tie Mask on Their Non-Verbal Special Needs Daughter Without Their Knowledge — FOR WEEKS

Outraged parents have accused Brevard Public Schools (BPS) in Florida of using a nylon rope to tie a mask on their 7-year-old special needs daughter for weeks without their knowledge or consent.